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Welcome to the Blacklotus Brotherhood!!

Our guild is a semi-serious raiding guild - we are 2/6 Hyjal & 3/9 BT.  We raid every night except Tuesday provided there are enough people of the right classes online.

For information about applying to the guild, visit the Applications section of the forums.

Members signing up to the website please use your character name or something close to so we know who you are!

Other Guild News


KolanBM, May 6, 09 4:11 AM.

Efreet has kindly put his hand up to set up a new more exciting website. It is not complete yet but we will be moving over to it full time soon. Can everyone please go and register and claim thier toons ASAP. Go to

Loot Rules (alt run companion)

afreet1, May 2, 09 8:23 PM.
1.Anyone can bid 2 raid points(minimum allowed) for a drop.
2.If a main for his/her main-spec bids 3 points or higher for a drop, alts or off-specs must
not continue bidding. In short mains for their main-spec have priority on drops.
3.The exception to rule 2 is, if the Guildmaster or Raid Leader determine that an off-spec is called upon by the guild often, then that person may bid as if their off-spec is their main-spec. (For example, a druid who's main spec is moonkin is often asked to heal, or a warrior who's main spec is arms is often asked to tank.)

Razorscale gets shaved!! By Rabbits???

KolanBM, Apr 26, 09 7:03 PM.
Gratz on the guild first kill of 10 man Razorscale. Another fun fight!

However there were other strange things going on that night in Naxx. I wonder if Tour knows anythingg about it. :-)

Flame Leviathan Goes Down!!! (in flames)

KolanBM, Apr 20, 09 3:38 AM.
Finally into Ulduar and BLB takes Flame down in a great 2 shot.

Well done guys. Look forward to more kills this week.

Finally updating screenshots.

KolanBM, Mar 12, 09 2:36 AM.
Sorry guys I have been slack. A few boss kills from recent times.

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